Lunch & Learns

Our Lunch and Learn program is designed to increase employee productivity, reduce sick days, and help our community become healthier by introducing healthy lifestyle strategies.

This is a great opportunity to improve work morale, increase value for employees and build a positive work environment without leaving the office or spending a single dollar. Our program comes to you with no cost or obligation as a part of our initiative to make Ithaca and Central New York healthy.

Attendants fill out a brief one sided health survey. After our seminar we do free computerized spinal scans for audience members. Our scans detect any stress or inflammation along the spine that may be linked to or causing health problems like neck pain, allergies, headaches, digestive issues, asthma, numbness and tingling in the hands, and other health challenges.

Below is a list of our most popular topics to submit with preferred dates and times for the presentation. Also choose which one of our topics is most relevant to your company. Each topic will provide specific action steps on how you can improve your quality of life starting today!

Along with the presentation, we will provide a hearty, healthy lunch for everyone attending the presentation, for free. Our lunch and learns typically last less than 15-30 minutes with a question and answer session afterwards. Lunch and learns are perfect for staff development days, team trainings, wellness events, etc.

Some of our most recent Lunch & Learns have been done at Museum of the Earth, Groton Public Library, Tompkins County YMCA, Lansing Central School, Boynton Middle School, and many more.

Please Select a Topic & E-mail Us or call us at 607-257-9355 to set something up!

Stress Management
Women’s Health
Healthy Living to 100
Headaches and Tension
Fit While you Sit
Sleep Seminar
How To Stay Healthy & Avoid Injury